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Project Description

Having been involved in the healthcare industry for some years, the team at Leanvation had identified an opportunity to introduce Latex free gloves into the marketplace. They required a clean and simplistic website to help educate and inform users of the benefits of using Latex free products. Arise took on the challenge of designing a site that would help achieve the goals of the organisation and provide users with a highly informative website that would help to reassure its target audience of the benefits of going latex-free.

Project Detail

  • Client: Leanvation
  • Date: April 12, 2014
  • Category: Website Creation & Search Engine Marketing
  • Project URL: www.leanvation.com

Arise Media really understood what we were trying to achieve. It was important that new visitors to the site could see the real and financial benefits of using Latex-free products and also be encouraged to sign up to get more information from us. The site not only does this, but it also provides a great method for us to gain enquiries from customers who now use the internet far more to research the products they need.

Jonathan Day

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