“Getting to your customers on the move”

All websites that are created by Arise Media are mobile ready. Accessing websites on mobile devices has now overtaken access from traditional PC’s and laptops and this rise in audience behaviour should not be ignored. Google’s latest algorithm update has acknowledged this and the most popular search engines prefer your website to be mobile-ready.

But it doesn’t end there, a great number of companies and organisations have developed a specific mobile application for their business. At Arise our core goal is understanding both you and your audience and if we feel there is a need and a benefit of developing a mobile application then we will definitely recommend doing so. There’s no point having an app for app’s sake, but if it can add real benefit to your organisation then it should be considered.

Apps can use more of the mobile devices technology than a mobile website can, so it makes sense to use the technology if it benefits your business. For example, can GPS be used to enhance a customers interaction with you? if so, then an app may be the best solution.

We develop apps on the most popular platforms including Apple IOs, Google Android and Windows Mobile. We have also developed and released a number of games on the most popular marketplaces such as Google Play and the Amazon Store. These games are not just a bit of fun, they can generate revenue from advertising and in-app purchases in their own right.


“Getting the most from customers of the move”

Our core strategy behind everything we do is making sure we understand your business and your customers.

This will help to determine whether a dedicated app is right for your organisation. Finding out if we can we utilise the inherent features of the phone or tablet to make your customers interact with you in a more meaningful way, will form a major part of the decision process into developing an app for your company.


“Making fun, user experiences for your customers”

At Arise Media we love developing games, we think it’s a great way to interact with users and develop brand loyalty. Got an idea for a game or app? We can help turn your idea into reality.

We use a number of technologies to make sure your game looks and feels like a A+ game. We can also help with publishing your game on to the most popular App stores such as Google Play and ITunes. Check out the platforms we use below:

Platforms We Use


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