A lot of clients we speak with just haven’t got the time to update their websites and keep on top of all the changes in the digital world. They are then faced with the choice of employing someone full-time to manage their digital assets or employing a specialist agency to handle the work on their behalf.

Both of these options are not the most cost effective way for the majority of the organisations we work with. That is why it is worth considering using a specialist freelancer or smaller agency that specialises in site management. The major digital agencies out there will look to charge a high fee per hour to do any work on your behalf and this often gets put down the pecking order in terms of delivery in favour of larger projects. Lots of companies are then left in limbo and their web projects and on-going maintenance take an age to come to fruition.

The other option of hiring a full-time employee to work on the assets also poses it’s own problems. Namely that a single individual generally specialises in a particular field, for example, you may have a good web developer but they are not likely to be that great at Search Engine Optimisation or Design. That can mean that although your ticking one box in managing your site you may be leaving holes in other areas of importance.

Getting an agency that handles website management in various guises and are willing to work on the elements that you need the most is why it can be a more cost effective solution than the options above. If this sounds like your organisation we’d be happy to speak with you further. Contact us

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